Play 2. Life will be ok


No one said that life would be perfect. No one said life would turn out the way you planned. However, I hope as you’re reading this in whatever space you’re at in life know it’ll be ok.

  •  Take alone time for you
  •  Surround yourself with a supportive group of people
  • Pray
  • Exercise
  • Join a local Meetup group and try a new activity

Parenting isn’t easy. I started this blog initially because being a Dad is the one thing in my entire life where I’ve felt most at ease. Sure some days are tougher than others, but the majority of the time when I lay head down on my pillow at night I know I’m giving 100% for my children.

I imagine at some point you not only what to be a parent, but a partner. One day that will come again or will come for you if it hasn’t already. However, your main focus now is being a parent to your child or children.

Maybe one one day this will be you. Until then….life will be ok 👌🏻


Play 2. Life will be ok

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